Recognized Public Accountant in Achdale, NC

The accounting needs of small or large businesses are constantly evolving, especially in a global economy. At Hal Surratt of Archdale, NC, our accountants are continually trained and kept abreast of changing corporate trends. Our team of CPAs has worked with small, mid-range, and large-scale companies, developing plans to keep them compliant with tax codes, financial records, balance sheets, and tax return preparation.


As more and more individuals advance in their careers, plan for the future, or give in to their entrepreneurial spirit, finding an accountant that can handle your needs is critical. Our accountants undergo continuous training and certification to keep up with the changing economy. We help our clients with financial budgeting, forecasting, and long-term planning. We also offer assistance with tax return preparation, self-employment advice, payroll, and bookkeeping services. We are committed to saving you money and helping you get the most money back in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Us?

Prioritize Your Success

We work with the latest accounting software systems and securely store your files digitally, to help us streamline your business. Our accountants and auditors are on hand to offer you advice that helps you maximize your profit potential.

Free Initial Consultation

Our CPAs listen to your financial concerns and offer sound accounting solutions. We are always available to our clients’ concerns and questions and offer the first consultation free of charge. We also offer free tax service to Randolph County School teachers during their first year of employment.

Tax Prep Services

When you are in need of basic tax preparation or more complicated accounting consultation, our team is here for you. Our business, individual, and financial planning services are setting the industry standard for service, professionalism, and affordability, relieving you from tax-related stress.

Our accountants are dedicated to providing every client with the personalized attention and service they deserve. We are honored to be the leading provider of accounting, audit, and taxation services in the area. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our current and prospective clients for years to come. Whether you're looking for a part-time accountant or a full-charge team of bookkeepers, trust us for cost-effective services and a free initial consultation. Reach out today to schedule your consultation or for more information.
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